• Glass House Spa Bedroom
  • Glass House Loggia Bedroom


The Glass House Collection has been expanded with two new settings.


Mrs.Me embraces softness and leisure in her new setting Spa.
Reviving and soothing the senses all sense of urgency is resolved. A satin breeze, luscious alpaca flowing through pastures of tender sage, dotted with cushions like sparkly droplets in mesmerizing haze. The subdued colour scheme of serene Light Grey and modest Sage comes alive in fine fabric and natural materials.


Mrs.Me reaches toward the light in her new setting Loggia. A rich harvest of seasonal joys. Waking up in spring’s soft morning dew, rays of silver in a summer lake, delicate strings playing autumn songs, enchantment in subtle shades of winter. A mood of peaceful serenity is reflected in lucid, silvercoloured fabrics and pearl finishings.

  • Mrs.Me new product cushion Ambrose Sage full colour print
  • Mrs.Me new product duvetcover set washed sateen lighgrey Stilo
  • Mrs.Me new product blanket Nick Lightgrey
  • Mrs.Me new product cushion Armor Steel knitted raffia
  • Mrs.Me new product duvetcover set Mesh embroidered band
  • Mrs.Me new product leather cushion Pavilion Pearl


A new season, a new look!


Pearl grey, several shades of green and beige, used for bedspreads and cushions, conjures a subtile colour palette.


The beautiful blend of daring materials, such as soft washed cotton sateen or knitted raffia, gives cushions and bedspreads a no-nonsense look and feel.