• Glass House Atelier Bedroom
  • Glass House Stateroom Bedroom
  • Glass House Parlour Bedroom


The Glass House Collection by Mrs.Me is home couture with a vision. An exquisite collection, by the choice of extraordinary materials, a subtle palette, a keen eye for detail and a casual mood. Qualities combined in a variety of decors of fully dressed beds in stylish settings. Atelier, Stateroom and Parlour will be launched in spring 2018.


To all free spirits with a keen eye for beauty. Enhance your own powerful style in the bedroom with a fine choice of sleeping materials, showing the best fabrics nature can provide. Strong coloured duvetcovers, amazing throws and cushions like splendid works of art. Bohemian bedding that stands for an exhibition of personality and good taste. To mix and match endlessly and leave an everlasting impression. Let Atelier be your comfort zone, Mrs.Me its muse! Limited edition.


To dream of cherry blossom in early spring, to wake up in velvety rays of light… Mrs.Me invites you to be touched by eastern grace and get inspired by new ideas. Stardust sequins, luxury fabrics of various textures and shapes, all lovingly mixed to create an authentic interior style. In the Stateroom, playful and distinctive are perfectly balanced. A tranquil space in the rush of everyday life.


Mrs.Me celebrates European styling with an Asian touch in a clever blend of authentic and modern.Distinguished bedding, inspired by genuine kimono’s and obi’s and the graceful ritual of old ceremonies, treasured in carefully designed, dreamy covers with a subtle shine and cushions of silk and brocade. Sleep is peaceful and soothing, in a bedroom decorated with refined materials in delicate shades. In the Parlour, all guests take a bow for elegance and beauty.

  • Mrs.Me Stilo duvet cover set steelgrey
  • Mrs.Me bedspread Morris steelgrey
  • Mrs.Me cushion Oil on Canvas
  • Mrs.Me blanket Nick
  • Cushion Obi bloemen
  • Cushion Lord Rose quartz
  • Cushion Lord Petrol
  • Plaid Archive Petrol
  • Cushion Obi petrol


A new season, a new look!


Shades of blue: indigo and petrol.
Shades of green: pyrite, celadon and sage.
Naturals: graphite, light grey, chalkwhite and off white.


The beautiful blend of daring materials, such as washed cotton sateen and jute, crushed velvet, gives cushions and bedspreads a no-nonsense look and feel.